Trying to pin down who I am? Well, it’s a bit like trying to catch a breeze, but here goes nothing!


In my world, laughter is my daily dose of joy. Seriously, getting upset or angry is just not my thing. I’m always on the lookout for something funny – a joke, a hilarious story, you name it.


Quiet and still? Nope, not in my dictionary. I’m all about keeping the vibes lively and the energy buzzing. Stillness is overrated, right?


My journeys around the globe have been like a crash course in life, even if I haven’t circled the entire map. Every place I’ve been to? Absolutely amazing!


Give me boardshorts, a surfboard, and a camera, and I’m set. But hey, throw a completely unexpected adventure my way, and I won’t be saying no!


It is not easy to say who I am, but I’ll try.

Laugh is a must in my life, it is hard to be upset or angry for something, that is why I am always looking for something funny to say or to do. 

I can’t be quiet and can’t stop moving around, that is not a big deal right? 

Let’s say I’ve learned some amazing things and grown as a person during my trips around the globe. Well, actually I did not travel much, but I have been to few places and all of them are aaaaamazing! 

Boardshorts, surfboard and a camera it’s all I need, but won’t say NO to a completly different plan!